Golden Wings Team: Enhancing Your Pilot Journey

Transforming your Pilot Journey with Flight Ease: Surpassing The Traditional Route with Unmatched Advantages.

Golden Wings Team Route

Builds required flight hours in just 4 months.
Fast-tracks First Officer seat by 2 years.
Results in greater lifetime gains.
Offers increased earnings potential in aviation career.
Potential $650,000 extra before retirement.
Reduce your labor costs.
Accelerates career progression for aspiring pilots.
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Traditional Route

Obtain certified ratings, then become a CFI.
Reach First Officer seat in 4 years.
Obtain instructor role: 550+ hours, requires 2 or more years.
May result in lower lifetime gains.
Delays wealth accumulation before forced retirement.
Possibility of lower lifetime earnings potential.
Extended timeline to reach desired pilot positions.
Slower career progression compared to Golden Wings.

Affordable, Accelerated, Efficient

Golden Wings Team understands the challenges and costs of building flight hours. Our program offers affordable and accelerated options, helping aspiring pilots achieve their goals efficiently.

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Comprehensive Package

Flight Hour Building Deluxe

Elevate your flight hour building experience with our Deluxe package, offering complimentary lodging and additional discounts on extended bookings.

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Flexible Package

Flight Hour Building Essentials

Embark on your flight hour building journey with our Essentials package, featuring flexible lodging options at affordable rates for tailored progress.