Program Course Structure.

Golden Wings Team offers flexible, affordable flight time building with comprehensive support services and training opportunities for aspiring pilots, skill enhancements, or personal aviation goals

How the program works

Enroll, Fly, Soar - Unlock Your Wings!

Accelerate your aviation success with the Golden Wings Team Program! Fast-track your career goals with our affordable and efficient flight hour building course.

Minimum Requirements

Private Pilot License (PPL) with ASEL rating, minimum 100 hours flight time, and ICAO level 4 English proficiency for effective communication in flight operations is mandatory.

Registration and Orientation

Registration fee of $500 covers essential aspects such as orientation time, materials, and registration process.Background check and verification.

Aircraft Rental

Airplane rental services at a rate of $170 per hour, which includes the cost of oil and fuel.
Pilots have the option to share the aircraft, reducing the cost to $85 per hour when shared between pilots. Chicago area pilots are eligible for a 5% discount.

Build flight hours

Flight hours can be booked and scheduled based on individual availability and requirements.

Golden Wings Team Program Highlights

Elevate your journey with complimentary lodging, soar confidently with insurance protection, enjoy discounts for you and your friends, and master the skies with our Bristell aircraft training. Fly solo and embrace new possibilities.

Complimentary Lodging

Book 150+ hours and enjoy complimentary lodging. We ensure a comfortable stay, making your program experience even better.

Airplane Renter's Insurance

Mandatory: Airplane Renter's Insurance for all pilots. Protect yourself and gain peace of mind during flight time building.

Bring-a-Friend Discount

Fly with a friend and save! Bring a companion to the Golden Wings Team program. Maximum of 5% off with referrals

Aircraft Transition Training

Experience Bristell Aircraft excellence with our comprehensive transition training. Gain skills and knowledge for $750 fee

Solo Flying

Solo or weight exceeding 210 lbs? Enjoy aircraft at $170/hr, including oil and fuel, with Golden Team Wings.

Private Pilot License (PPL) Holders

Solo flying is available for pilots who hold at least a Private Pilot License.