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To make flying in America great again, we empower aspiring pilots to reach for the stars.

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Elevating Dreams, Defying Limits, Soaring Together

We are dedicated to providing a remarkable opportunity for pilots to build flight hours in a short span, enabling them to achieve their dreams and ambitions in the aviation industry faster than ever before.

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Build your flight hours...

Golden Wings understands the challenges and costs of building flight hours. Our program offers affordable and accelerated options, helping aspiring pilots achieve their goals efficiently.

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Comprehensive Package

Flight Hour Building Deluxe

Elevate your flight hour building experience with our Deluxe package, offering complimentary lodging and additional discounts on extended bookings.

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Flexible Package

Flight Hour Building Essentials

Embark on your flight hour building journey with our Essentials package, featuring flexible lodging options at affordable rates for tailored progress.

Golden Wings BUild hours Programme

Effortless Path to Affordable Flight Hours


Choose Your Program.

We offer a range of programs tailored to your flight hour building needs. Select the program that aligns with your goals, whether it's for career advancement or personal achievement.

Our Housing

Relax in comfort during your flight hour building journey with our available accommodation options.


Fly The Hours You Need

Fly with confidence! Golden Wings Team offers well-maintained aircraft for accumulating required flight hours, ensuring safety and modern technology.

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As part of our strategy to build a stronger Golden Wings Team, we’ve introduced a new comprehensive and innovative approach to pilot training so we can take advantage of the opportunities in the market.

Dragan A. Lazic
- CEO -
A better way to build flight hours

Fly Further. Build Efficiently

Begin an extraordinary flight hour building journey with Golden Wings Team, where excellence meets affordability. Our comprehensive program, exceptional training, and top-notch aircraft ensure your success. Immerse yourself in a supportive community, achieve your goals and enjoy exclusive benefits. Join us and soar higher than ever before.


Competitive rates, flexible payments, cost-effective.

Exceptional Training

Experienced instructors equip you with skills for success in aviation

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Top-Notch Aircraft

Well-maintained aircraft ensures a safe and enjoyable flying experience.

Efficient Goal Achievement

Build flight hours faster, saving you time and accelerating progress

We got you covered

All the A’s
for your Q’s.

Our Flight Time Building Program

1. How does program work?

You can take an adventure anywhere in the USA, from coast to coast or north to south!
Reserve your spot before you arrive!
Before you arrive at Golden Wings Team we will schedule the airplane for all of the hours you purchase so you can complete your time building promptly!
Affordable Housing & Transportation Available.
If you require housing, we have an affordable option for you (within Walking Distance from Airport)! If you need to go anywhere, we also have available transportation.

2. How long will take to make my booked flight hours?

For our Comprehensive Packages, the minimum amount of hours that we require for you to book is 50, and you can fly through those 50 hours in about 10 days, including Orientation day and the Checkout Flight. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to stay with us for the entire amount of hours that you may require, you can purchase multiple blocks of 50 or more hours with multiple dates. Please note, however, that we do not lock in a pilot’s seat, lodging, or hours into our Comprehensive Packages until the hours have been paid for.
For our Flexible Packages, there is zero commitment apart from the hours that you choose to be scheduled (per availability). The minimum amount of hours that you can purchase initially for the Flexible Packages is 10 hours. Any hours that you don’t use within 90 days are refunded right back to you.
Also we have option to book per hour for higher prices depending of airplane availability.

3. What are requirements to participate to the program?

For all of our Packages, we require that the pilot have at least their Private Pilot’s Certificate and be able to legally rent and fly airplanes in the United States. Additionally, each pilot is required to authorize a background check to have 24/7 access to our hangar and stay in our lodging.
To fly with a partner, and take advantage of the $85.00 per hour Split Rate, one of student-pilots must be Instrument Current. We will make schedules that fit your needs!
If you are not Instrument Current but have a Private Certificate, or you weigh over 210 pounds, you will need to fly solo at the Full Rate of $170.00 per hour.

4. How does schedule work?

Our hangar and airplane are available 24/7 and the stud- pilots are scheduled at their preferred time of the day per airplane availability and weather. The schedule is updated weekly and built out one week in advance.
Student-pilots fly 5-6 days a week with guaranteed 7th day off. Each flying day they build between 5-10 hours, or more should they wish.

5. What time of the day can I fly?

Our hangar is open to our student-pilots 24/7, the plane is available almost all day, all year as well. The times that the plane is unavailable to student-pilots is during brief periods of extreme weather or during regular maintenance.
During the year, however, we recommend that student-pilots fly during the Day in the Winter and at Night during the Summer. These times of the day provide our pilots the most pleasant flying experience and offer the opportunity for the most flight hours in a week.

6. Do you offer transportation?

For $100.00 per week we offer full transportation care to our student-pilots to and from the airport within 5 miles from the airport.

7. Are there CFIs on staff for training and checkout flights?

Yes, our instructors are from Airline and Corporate Aviation and they understand all student-pilots needs. We have good experience to make you comfort from first day with Golden Wings Team.

Golden Wings Team Program Cost

1. What are the costs associated with your program?

Our aircraft rent is for $170 per hour (oil and fuel included), which means $85 per hour when split. Our lodging cost is free of charge for all student-pilots who book 150+ hours. There is a $500.00 registration fee. Additionally, we require that each pilot carry Airplane Renter’s Insurance during their time in our program.
The registration fee covers Orientation time and materials, Registration time and materials, your checkout flights and CFI time and background check.
If you weigh over 210 lbs or prefer to fly solo, we offer the plane to pilots with at least a PPL for the full rate of $170 per hour (oil and fuel included).

2. When do I pay for the program?

You will be required to pay once are actively being registered for our time building programs. The payment for your initial hours must be paid before you can begin to fly with us and stay in our lodging. Your payment only reserves your seat for the length of time it takes to complete your hours (~50 hours a week) and your seat is only reserved once it’s been paid for.

3. How do I pay for the program?

We currently use electronic invoices through Square and Web Payment Services through Stripe, also we accept payments at sight. You will receive an email during registration where you will be able to submit your payment information for any payments made for our programs. Generally speaking, we first send an invoice for the Registration Fee and then a separate invoice for the Initial Hours at a later date. If there is availability, you may continue to pay for extra time as needed while currently building time in our program.

4. Do you offer any kind of discounts?

Even our rate is already discounted compared to industry standards, we offer few discounts. If you book 150+ hours you can choose lodging for free of charge or 5% discount. Also, we provide maximum 5% for each referral depending of how many hours referrals book. (Friend 1 book 50 hours, Friend 2 book 20 hours - your additional discount is 5% (3% for 50 and 2% for 20 hours).

5. If I need 10 PIC hours how many hours should I buy?

We rent our plane based on the Hobbs time, and when flying in the Safety Pilot Position, you’ll be taking max 0.5 PIC hours off of each leg. Our calculation is for each 10 PIC hours to fly additional 1 more hour.

Golden Wings Team Lodging

1. How do I qualify for the lodging?

2. How far is the lodging from the airport?

3. What is the lodging like?

4. Can my family come?

Our Fleet And Maintenance

1. What is your aircraft fleet like?

We currently have 1 Bristell Aircraft NG5 model 912iS equipped with dual G3X Garmin Aviation Avionics (very similar to the G1000) and Garmin GMC 507 Autopilot. It is Single-Engine, Glass Cockpit, Technologically Advanced Special-Category Light Sport Aircraft.
Also, we have AATD FAA approved FRASCA Cessna C172 Steam Gages and G1000 and Piper Seminole G1000 Flight Simulators.
We have plans to increase our fleet in the future with more S-LSA’s and Multi-Engine options.

2. How is the airplane maintained?

We have a certified mechanic who regularly inspects and maintains our fleet on property.

3. Does the airplane have weight restriction?

Yes, we have our Training Center Weight Policy. For our program, you must be below 250 lbs in order to fly solo and must be below 210 lbs to fly with a partner.

4. What other restrictions does the airplane have?

Even our airplane is IFR certified you cannot - and more importantly should not - go fly into clouds simply because we have wonderful equipment on board from Garmin. If you are instrument pilot, and if you’re current, and if you have a medical you can fly under IFR rules to log Instrument hours, but not in IMC.

1. What is a Discovery Flight?

Discovery Flight is short introductory flight for our future student-pilots interested in booking hours for time building or Flight Training. Every participant is assigned to a certified pilot instructor who walks you through the step-by-step procedure of how to safely fly an aircraft.

2. What are the costs associated with Flight Training?

Our Discovery Flight cost is $210.00 and Student Registration is a one-time $30 fee.
Our plane cost is $170.00 per hour to rent (fuel and oil included) for instruction, and the instructor’s rates average around $40.00 to $70.00 per hour.
It takes on average 40–80 hours to complete your Private Pilot Certification; and the total cost would come to approximately $9,000.00-$12,000.00.

3. What certificates can I earn from Golden Wings Team Flight Time Building Center?

Here at Golden Wings Team, you can receive your Sport Pilot License (SPL), Private Pilot License (PPL), Instrument Rating (IR), and your Commercial Single-Engine License (CSEL)!

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